Joyful Sunday

Sunday, 26 July 2020 The morning started off hot and humid. Like testing the waters of a cold lake, I stepped onto the veranda to test the heat. Too hot. I turned back to the house only to get the feeling I really needed to step out and feel the day. So I did. I…… Continue reading Joyful Sunday



5 August 2019 Another splendid sunny hot day! Although today was a holiday in most provinces, it wasn’t in Quebec-where I live and work. Luckily I was able to telework and even managed to sit outside with my laptop for a spell. I had no idea what to paint this evening. Most days I’m inspired…… Continue reading 365…217


Saturday, 3 August 2019 Another beautiful sunny hot day! I’m going to skip right to the end of my day and tell you about my walk around the yard this evening… especially the butterfly garden. Every day, several times throughout the day actually, I find myself looking in the garden for movement…could be butterflies, bees,…… Continue reading 365…215