Friday, 12 July 2019

A beautiful Friday. Went for a walk this evening and passed by my cousins’ old farm. They both have since passed on. Funny enough, today is Gerry’s birthday…the day after my Dad’s. He used to tease her that he would go out of his way to step on spiders on his birthday so it would rain on the Orange men’s parade (also her bday).

Here are some shots from tonight’s walk including their old barn.

Barn at sunset
Barn at sunset ©️ WQuinn 2019
Barn at sunset
Old Murphy homestead ©️ WQuinn 2019
Weeds in sun
©️ WQuinn 2019

On our way back, Mom noticed four birds sitting in two tall trees at the edge of the road. They were so quiet as if watching us. I was amazed they didn’t fly away when they heard us coming. We watched for a bit, I tried to get a close up photo to try and identify them but only had my phone camera with me.

Birds in a tree
©️ WQuinn 2019

We watched them fly away and I had the feeling we just had a visit from my cousins, Dad and Nanie!

Then I saw the most beautiful sight and though I’d died and gone to Heaven…

Bunch of daisies
193/365 Photo of the day, 12 July 2019 ©️ WQuinn

I LOVE daisies!!!!

I also love wild flowers and milkweed and thistles and meadows and running water and fields that go on.

Field of hay at  sunset
Field of hay at sunset ©️ WQuinn 2019
Field of hay at sunset
Another shot of the field at sunset ©️ WQuinn 2019

I did manage to get a walk in, even with all the stopping to admire and photograph all the flowers!

Tonight’s painting is inspired by the wildflowers in the field:

Watercolor painting landscape of wildflowers in field
193/365 Painting of the day, 12 July 2019, ©️ WQuinn


The last day of January. Just like that, we’re already one full month into 2019. I’m thirty-one days into my creativity project. I have 31 paintings, 31 photographs and 31 pages of writing.

(Actually I have more than 31 photographs, but who’s counting?)

Photo of the Day

Today’s photo came to me while I was sitting at my desk at work. I work in a GC Workplace work space and, for some reason, I always choose the same spot, a corner with a window. My view is rue Wellington in Hull. I just happened to glance outside as a man was getting out of his parked car. I watched as he walked to the parking meter, then back to his car, lock and and turn to walk away. He stopped, turned back towards his car and just stood there for five or so seconds. I watched him glance towards the second parking meter. My eyes followed his and I was surprised to see a fire hydrant next to the parking meter. Like right next to it. Mind made up, he left his car to continue on his way.

I continued working but I just couldn’t get over the mixed message of a parking meter and a fire hydrant parked side by side. So… you guessed it. During my lunch break, I went for a walk, right by the meter and hydrant and stopped to get a picture before continuing on.

parking meter beside a fire hydrant
031/365 Photo of the day
Conflicting message…to park or not to park?
31 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

Painting of the day

I pulled the watercolour card from the pad then sat staring at it for several minutes, wondering what to paint. Nothing was coming to me. I thought I’d start with a blue sky, but that just didn’t feel right. Then I looked up and the cover of the watercolour pad, where I had just taken a sheet, jumped out at me. It was an image of a meadow of cherry trees in blossom. So, I painted my interpretation of that image. It took me a little over an hour to complete…the longest painting so far.

watercolour painting of a purplish sky with white fluffy clouds, a meadow with six cherry trees in full blossom and a small path meandering through the meadow.
031/365 Painting of the day
Cherry blossoms in the meadow
31 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn