Friday, 12 June 2020 Today is a strange day, and not just weather wise. I’d need another page just to chat about that. Seriously though. I’ve been seeing videos of fighting, a woman verbally attacking another woman just because she’s not white. In fact, that same woman was in another video being nasty to a…… Continue reading 164/366

Faith. For some reason I was blessed with a deep faith in God and Jesus. I have a close connection with the spirit world, the ascended masters and the angelic realm. Since I was a child I’ve had this connection. It’s something that’s always been there and it’s something I don’t know how to describe… Continue reading Faith Believes Nor Questions How



A couple of years ago I decided to put myself out there and what better way than joining the psychic fair circuit. I was dedicated to deepening my connection with spirit; developing and fine-tuning my skills as a medium; and connecting with like-minded people. I was excited, nervous and had no idea what to expect…… Continue reading Competition