Saturday, 4 April 2020 Mom just showed me a photo from this day, two years ago. It snowed, the yard was covered in it, and the river was open but still had ice on it. Today was warm, about 13°C, and sunny. I spent most of the day outside, starting with a walk to the…… Continue reading 94/366


Tuesday, 31 March 2020 Oh, what a wonderful afternoon and evening! So much sunshine. Ashes napping in the sun © WQuinn 2020 Today was grocery day, picking up an online order I placed with Walmart last week. Trepidation loomed until I decided to let it go, asking my angels for help, and it helped. Everything…… Continue reading 90/366


Today was almost the end of the painting of a day. I considered many excuses of why I could skip it tonight, including painting two tomorrow. I went for a walk at lunch, even though it was downright bitter cold! I was ever so thankful for doing so, because I saw a tiny piece of…… Continue reading 365…10