A cloudy start to the day!

Fresh snow overnight made for a beautiful winter wonderland landscape but also made for a longer commute into town. A little for an hour… enough said on that topic!

Had a lovely supper with family, followed by a few errands and, on the drive home, very close to home, we hit a pot hole…deep and hard. A faint whistling sound, followed by the low tire pressure light illuminating on the dashboard and, before we knew it, we had a flat. Now, if it was just me, I would have driven the 1.5 km home…probably wrecking my rim in the process. Mom preferred not to do that, so we turned the car around, drove to the gas station 20 meters away and debated what to do. We decided on calling my cousin and, thanks be to god, he was home and available to help us out. He had the tire changed in no time flat (pun intended!) I’m grateful to him, I’m grateful we weren’t hurt or stranded somewhere!

I’m also grateful I painted my painting of the day at work this afternoon! And took my photo of the day.

Today’s painting just emerged from one tree, into another, and another and another…

watercolour painting of deciduous and evergreen trees
052/365 Painting of the day
Deciduous and Evergreen trees
21 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

I looked up from my desk this afternoon and was delighted to see blue sky. Of course, I had to capture it and make it today’s photo of the day!

photo of blue sky, white clouds and a city street and parking lot
052/365 Photo of the day
View from my office, Hull, QC
21 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

Tomorrow is a new day, full of hope and dreams realized!



A lovely day today. It was cold. The sidwalks were ice and snow covered and difficult to navigate through, but all in all, it was a lovely day. I enjoyed the fresh air. I found it a little tough walking, but once I pulled my iPhone out and started to take photos, all thought of the conditions of the sidewalks slipped away and I just enjoyed the moment, the scenery and the fresh air.

It’s funny how the simple act of taking a picture changes your frame of mind, how you look at the world, at the space you’re in. For me, I see the beauty, the unique, the object standing out, screaming “capture me! capture me!”

This is what I captured:

photo of street light and sign for rue Vaudreuil in Hull, QC
037/365 Photo of the day
rue Vaudreuil, Hull QC
6 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

I was in a spongy mood tonight:

Watercolour painting with a sponge, maybe, blue, green and beige
037/365 Painting of the day, 06 Feb 2019 CWQuinn


Had a bit of a slip on the ice this morning…who am I kidding, I went down like a ton of bricks! Glad I didn’t hit my head, and except for a few sore spots, I’m right as rain.

Went for a walk at lunch. Decided to head up to the Culture Trail (Sentier Culturel) to see what it looks like in the winter. Much to my surprise, the iconic Chez Henri now houses a Boston Pizza!

photograph of Boston Pizza signage on the old Chez Henri building in Hull (now Gatineau) Quebec, Canada.
030/365 Photo of the day
Chez Henri/Boston Pizza
30 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

I opened Instagram this morning and was surprised to see a photograph that looked very much like several paintings I have done over the years. Paintings, I’ve painted from ideas in my mind’s eye, of sky, sea and beach. The photo, taken in Florida by a local photographer I follow on Instagram, was so familiar I had to look at it a few times. It was sky, sea and beach!

So, for tonight’s painting, I decided to paint that same scene, at least my interpretation of it, using watercolour paints. I tagged the photographer to let them know their photo inspired me. I love it when things like that happen 😉

watercolour painting of sky, ocean, beach
030/365 Painting of the day
Sky, Sea, Beach
30 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn