4 am wake up

Thursday, 9 July 2020

My Google assistant woke me up at 4 am so I could see the comet. I hesitated, almost turned over but gave in and got up. Mom was up too and off we trudged down to the river to get a good view.

It took a little while to find it, even with the app pointing it out, because the sky was beginning to get light, and the moon was quite bright. But I did see it and it was pretty cool. I didn’t get a picture but will try again when it makes it to the night sky, if it’s still intact.

I did get a great shot of the morning sky at blue hour though

This morning at blue hour. Photo of the day, 9 Jul 2020 ©WQuinn


Sunday, 29 March 2020

It was a rainy day. A cold rainy day. A good day to stay in and trim the catnip plant. Ashes was sleeping on my bed and Dukes was sleeping somewhere. Perfect…no cats to get in the way.

My catnip plant © WQuinn 2020

Step one: put the dried catnip away to make room for fresh catnip to dry.

Dried catnip © WQuinn 2020

Ashes could smell the catnip from my bedroom and came out to investigate, followed shortly after by Dukes. I rubbed some dried catnip on their favourite toys to keep them occupied while I trimmed the plant…

88/366 Photo of the day, 29 Mar 2020
Ashes grabs a piece of catnip © WQuinn

Quite the challenge keeping them off the table where I was working but I managed.

A happy Ashes playing with her favourite toy, with a sprinkling of catnip. © WQuinn 2020