Do what makes you happy

Friday, 23 October 2020 I found myself, unexpectedly, with the afternoon off. My work project had been completed, and my energy with it, I requested Monday and Tuesday off in order to recoup. They agreed and offered this afternoon as well. Bonus time on my hands on a glorious warm day, 25°C with a humidex,…… Continue reading Do what makes you happy

Happy Day

Tuesday, 7 July 2020 I had the realization today that I’m happy. I’m content. I like living where I am and I am grateful to be here. Even in these hot, hazy, humid days and nights. My dream to have a hobby farm is still very real and something I am working towards. Because, as…… Continue reading Happy Day

Ch…Ch…Change things up! Day 21 of 30 Days of Happiness

Sometimes, something as simple as changing one SMALL thing in your life could be all the difference you need to ignite your HAPPY button. Change is GOOD. We’re creatures of habit and when we find something that works for us, we tend to stick with it – FOREVER. What if tomorrow morning, you wake up to your favourite…… Continue reading Ch…Ch…Change things up! Day 21 of 30 Days of Happiness