95/366 – 100 days of posting!

Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

💯 days of posting. Well now, that’s something to celebrate, I figure.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to, not only read my daily posts, but like and comment too. I appreciate it and I appreciate YOU!

To show my appreciation, please accept a gift of my visual meditation eBook (PDF). It’s a book filled with some of my favourite photos I’ve taken over the years, accompanied by uplifting words and phrases. I hope it brings you peace, love and joy during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Two downey woodpeckers © WQuinn 2020

The river was quite still this morning.

95/366 Photo of the day, 5 Apr 2020, © WQuinn

There have been many times during the last 100 days that I wanted to skip a post, because I had nothing to say, was too tired, or had something else I wanted to do than download photos and write about my day, but the further my streak got, the more energized I became and the more committed I became to reaching 💯 day streak.

So, now that I’ve reached my goal…what’s next???


Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Oh happy April!!! We had our first BBQ of the season…yummy homemade hamburgers.

I think Mom might be getting bored. It’s been 17 days since we’ve been told to work from home and yesterday she started moving furniture around. Yesterday was our bedrooms, today the living room…as long as she’s happy, I’m good. 😉

91/366 Photo of the day, Dukes, 1 Apr 2020 © WQuinn

It was a lovely spring day. I enjoyed my lunch on the veranda, listening to the birds, geese and ducks, and watching Dukes walk and mark the perimeter of our lot.

The snow is almost gone! © WQuinn 2020

I spent time today finalizing my family tree book. I got the hardcover version uploaded to the store. The softcover will be up soon. And I finished the PDF ebook version.

I’ve also been working on my website…it’s been a while since I’ve done web design and WordPress has changed quite a lot. I’m in a bit of a learning curve holding pattern… I miss the Dreamweaver days… time to brush up on html and dig in.

Grateful for the quiet time to tackle it. Grateful we’re healthy. Praying for the world and doing our best to help by staying home.


Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Oh, what a wonderful afternoon and evening! So much sunshine.

Ashes napping in the sun © WQuinn 2020

Today was grocery day, picking up an online order I placed with Walmart last week. Trepidation loomed until I decided to let it go, asking my angels for help, and it helped. Everything went smoothly.
No contact with anyone, opened the hatch door, groceries were placed inside and we were on our way.

I placed an online order with the IGA last week as well, before the Walmart one actually, but there was a hiccup with the system on check out. There’s a charge pending on the credit card but I didn’t receive a confirmation. I’ve been in touch with the local store to no avail, and the parent company, also to no avail. So, I’ll know if it’s a go tomorrow morning if I receive an email confirming my order is ready for pickup or they call with substitutions…

On a happier note, we went for a walk around the yard and picked up garbage. You’d be amazed at the crap that lands on our lawn throughout the year. The cigarette butts alone could fill a garbage bag. And they are thrown out of windows as the cars zip by.

90/366 Photo of the day, 31 Mar 2020 © WQuinn

Snow is melting fast in the yard, making it easier to walk around. We ventured down to the river and watched the geese and ducks on the ice.

Geese lined up at the edge of the ice © WQuinn 2020
Geese on an ice flow © WQuinn 2020

Spring was in the air today!


Wednesday, 25 March 2020

This morning’s sunrise.

84/366 Photo of the day, 25 Mar 2020
© WQuinn

I had no idea what day of the week it was today.

They’re beginning to blur.

I often did things on the weekend, like visit my sister or go to a movie. And we went into the office Wednesdays and Thursdays, stopping for groceries and take out for dinner. Now that those activities are on hold, things are beginning to blur and run into each other. I’m going to do something each day that is different so I can differentiate between the days…

© WQuinn 2020

The river was open this morning. So nice and peaceful watching the ducks and geese and the ripples they make on the water.

I’m looking for happiness, joy and peace wherever I can find it. Today, it was in nature, watching the ducks on the river. It was also in my bedroom, watching my cats enjoying life the cat way!