A day of rest

Sunday, 27 December 2020

I gave myself permission to take the day off. No plans, no lists, just do whatever or do nothing.

So, I spent time watching the birds. Happy to note two Redpolls visited the feeders. I haven’t seen a Redpoll here since 2018, so it was a special occasion!

Redpoll perched on branch.
©WQuinn 2020

I went for a walk in the sun 🌞 down to the river.

Frozen river. ©WQuinn 2020

And then the fun really began! My Mom bought me four smart plugs for Christmas. I set them up then linked them to my Google assistant and had way too much fun playing with them. Hey Google, turn the Christmas lights on…hey Google, turn the lights off… 🤣

Bird photos

Mrs Cardinal perched in a tree.
Photo of the day, 27 Dec 2020 ©WQuinn
Redpoll perched on a branch.
©WQuinn 2020
White-breasted nuthatch perched on a branch. ©WQuinn 2020
Downey woodpecker perched on a branch. ©WQuinn 2020


Freezing rain. Most of the day. Enough said.

A quiet day, a little painting, a little napping, a little photography, a little bird watching…

watercolour painting landscape
055/365 Painting of the day
24 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn
photo of redpolls at bird feeder during freezing rain
055/365 Photo of the day
Redpolls gather at the bird feeder during ice storm
24 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn


The sun came out!!! Blue skies were visible. Big fluffy white clouds too. The birds were active around the feeder. I stood outside on the veranda taking pictures of the sky and sun and the birds. I even took a video of the birds chirping. It was 5 degrees C. Downright balmy and a hint of what’s to come. I headed out to fill one of the bird feeders – the one furthest from the house – and almost flew away to Buckingham! Wow, the wind was strong.

By the time I got back to the house, less than ten minutes had passed. The sun was gone. So was the blue sky and fluffy white clouds. In it’s place was the same old dreary grey sky we’ve seen almost every day since winter began.

As I stood outside taking pictures of the sun, a redpoll landed close by and stayed, allowing me to get a few great shots. He even appeared to be posing for me.

photo of a common redpoll bird resting on a branch, looking at the camera.
039/365 Photo of the day
08 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

Several times during the day I wondered what I would paint tonight. Nothing came to mind. I started looking through Instagram for inspiration, then, remembering an album I have on Pinterest of images I would like to paint one day, I had a look through and found one I wanted to try. It turned out great!

watercolour painting of a Mediterranean-looking wall and doorway, open to the ocean.
039/365 Painting of the day
Watercolour – Mediterranean Doorway
08 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn


We’ve received the snowfall I’ve been dreaming of since December…about 9″ by 2:30 pm. It’s so white, and light and really does look like a winter wonderland. Well, minus the cold, blowing wind that’s creating knee deep drifts. And the fact the tips of my fingers froze in five minutes.

This morning, I ventured out to clear the snow off the bird feeders and replenish a couple of them. Then I had the joy of sitting back, watching the flutter of activity – one of my favourite pastimes!

We had lots of golden finch and common redpolls, a couple of chickadees, one snowbird (dark eyed junco) who hasn’t been around much this winter, the evening grosbeaks were back (4 of the group of 12 showed up), a blue jay, a male cardinal and the red squirrel. The feeders were a busy spot!

I took lots of shots of the snowy landscape and the birds, but it’s the birds who will make it into the photo of the day category. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m leaning towards the cardinal, as he’s so elusive, I’m really lucky to have gotten a close-up shot. Unfortunately, it’s not as clear as I’d like it to be because I took it through a dirty window. But…I’m happy with it, so I guess that’s all that really matters eh? 🙂

For the painting of the day, I felt like pink today. Pink and a sponge. This is what came from that:

pink watercolour painting, sponge technique.
20/365 Painting of the Day
Pink Delight
20 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn