Rainy day Tuesday

Tuesday, 20 October 2020 I am running out of clever titles! It started out rainy but eventually the sun came out and it was beautiful! I have always wanted to see a sky filled with starlings doing their thing. You know what I’m taking about? How they move in unison, dancing on the wind. Well…I…… Continue reading Rainy day Tuesday

Rainy day Thursday

Thursday, 15 October 2020 I was distracted today, watching the yellow leaves come alive against the steely blue sky. I took pictures a couple of times, so mesmerized by it. Those yellows. Wow. Unfortunately I downloaded the photos to my computer because I needed space on my SD card for a special event tonight. I’m…… Continue reading Rainy day Thursday

174/366 or something like that

22 June 2020 I just noticed that the day numbers of the year are off by a few so I’m thinking I may drop them from the title. But then I’ll have to come up with a creative title every day. Huh. Going to need to stew on that for a bit 😉 A lovely…… Continue reading 174/366 or something like that