Thursday, 27 February 2020 Happy birthday to my beautiful niece Alex!!! Well wasn’t that a snowstorm! It started out a little slow but made up for it this afternoon. Wowsers! Lots of activity at the feeders. I had a hard time keeping the black squirrels away from the platform feeder. Everytime I chased them away,…… Continue reading 58/366


Thursday, 13 February 2020 What a lucky day for bird visits today. First, Mrs Cardinal finally moved in close enough – and sat long enough – for me to get a decent photo. 44/366 Photo of the day, 13 Feb 2020 © WQuinn Early evening, Mom had just got in from work and we were…… Continue reading 44/366


Woke up with a headache this morning and didn’t feel like doing much. I went out to feed the birds and was surprised at how windy it was, nearly blew me over! Wind gusts must have been about 80 km. Blowing snow creating whiteout conditions. A real treat trying to photograph! Crazy weather seems to…… Continue reading 365…27


We’ve received the snowfall I’ve been dreaming of since December…about 9″ by 2:30 pm. It’s so white, and light and really does look like a winter wonderland. Well, minus the cold, blowing wind that’s creating knee deep drifts. And the fact the tips of my fingers froze in five minutes. This morning, I ventured out…… Continue reading 365…20