Tonight’s painting of the day was very challenging. I attempted two paintings before this last one. Nothing seemed to work. My vision for the first was scattered and not taking shape. The second…the paper became over saturated and looked weird, in that the paper was shredding or piling? Not the effect I was looking for.

As I write about it, a reflection of sorts, two things pop out at me. First is I’ve been watching watercolour artist videos on YouTube, taking in all their suggestions, instructions, ideas, etc. For some reason their ideas just don’t mesh with me. Maybe I need to just do my own thing? Keep following my guidance, my intuition. Hmmm.

Second, I may be PMSing. Just saying. Hormones could possibly have an effect on the creative mind. This is something I need to keep an eye on. Would be interesting to know if it really does impact creativity.

watercolour painting landscape of blue and pink sky with two large white clouds and green blue sea or grass.
042/365 Painting of the day
Watercolour Landscape
11 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

We went into town this afternoon to pick up a few essentials, especially with the big snow storm on it’s way. Mom was driving so I asked if we could take a scenic way home so I could capture a photo for today. I was thinking country, snow, old barns or fences… On a whim, she turned down Main Street towards the old CIP paper mill. I haven’t been down that way in years (like 25 or 30!) The old restaurant is still there! We drove around the area for a bit, then headed down to the river and back up around Notre Dame Street. I was flooded with old memories: the old Bata shoe store, Renaud’s Smoke shop, the old sewing shop where we got supplies for grade 7 home-ec class.

photo of restaurant bar Le moulin et Depanneur le moulin in Gatineau, QC. 11 Feb 2019.
042/365 Photo of the Day
Restaurant Bar le Moulin et Depanneur le Moulin, Gatineau, QC
11 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn


Had a bit of a slip on the ice this morning…who am I kidding, I went down like a ton of bricks! Glad I didn’t hit my head, and except for a few sore spots, I’m right as rain.

Went for a walk at lunch. Decided to head up to the Culture Trail (Sentier Culturel) to see what it looks like in the winter. Much to my surprise, the iconic Chez Henri now houses a Boston Pizza!

photograph of Boston Pizza signage on the old Chez Henri building in Hull (now Gatineau) Quebec, Canada.
030/365 Photo of the day
Chez Henri/Boston Pizza
30 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

I opened Instagram this morning and was surprised to see a photograph that looked very much like several paintings I have done over the years. Paintings, I’ve painted from ideas in my mind’s eye, of sky, sea and beach. The photo, taken in Florida by a local photographer I follow on Instagram, was so familiar I had to look at it a few times. It was sky, sea and beach!

So, for tonight’s painting, I decided to paint that same scene, at least my interpretation of it, using watercolour paints. I tagged the photographer to let them know their photo inspired me. I love it when things like that happen 😉

watercolour painting of sky, ocean, beach
030/365 Painting of the day
Sky, Sea, Beach
30 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn