Woke up with a headache this morning and didn’t feel like doing much. I went out to feed the birds and was surprised at how windy it was, nearly blew me over! Wind gusts must have been about 80 km. Blowing snow creating whiteout conditions. A real treat trying to photograph! Crazy weather seems to…… Continue reading 365…27


We’ve received the snowfall I’ve been dreaming of since December…about 9″ by 2:30 pm. It’s so white, and light and really does look like a winter wonderland. Well, minus the cold, blowing wind that’s creating knee deep drifts. And the fact the tips of my fingers froze in five minutes. This morning, I ventured out…… Continue reading 365…20


Marie Kondo. I binge watched this new Netflix series then pulled all of my clothes out of the closet and dresser, creating a massive pile on my bed. For some reason, I believed I didn’t have a lot of clothes, so you can imagine my shock as the pile on the bed got higher and…… Continue reading 365…12


11/365 Painting of the day11 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn It was sunflower kind of day 😉 and a mourning dove for the potd. This little guy has been hanging around the yard for over a week. He’s alone and isn’t overly shy. I was thrilled when he visited the back veranda where I have lots of…… Continue reading 365…11