It was another snowy day. So grateful this one was on a Saturday when I had nowhere to be but home! I was able to to watch the flurry of activity around the bird feeders. I counted 34 redpolls, 4 mourning doves, 14 evening grosbeaks, 1 red squirrel, a chickadee, and 2 golden finch. I could hear a blue jay but he didn’t stop by the feeders today. Neither did the turkeys. All in all it was a busy day and I bet you know what today’s photo of the day will be…a bird. But not just any bird, one of the 14 evening grosbeaks that dropped by for a visit.

evening grosbeak bird in a snowstorm
033/365 Photo of the day
Evening grosbeak in a snow storm
02 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

My day was occupied with getting a newsletter completed for next week – a volunteer job I have been doing since March of last year. This is my last issue and I’m a little sad as I’ve really enjoyed working on it and being a part of a great team, but I just don’t seem to have enough time to dedicate to it and there are other projects I’m interested in taking on, so I gave my notice today. I must admit, I feel lighter now, knowing I’m free next month.

Tonight’s painting was a complete unknown until I got the sky in. Blue to start, followed by pink. Mountains (or land) in the distance, followed by an ocean and a beach. I think this is my fourth painting like this. I titled it “My happy place!” I sure do like those colours and that view.

watercolour painting of sky, ocean and a small beach.
033/365 Painting of the Day
My Happy Place!
02 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

I have some happy news: tomorrow night, I will be staying at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa! A dream come true. I’ve always wanted to stay there and this year, being the year to make things happen, I booked a room for a night.

I like to spend a night in Ottawa every year so I can take night pictures and not have to drive home late at night. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun playing tourist in your backyard. I chose a Sunday night thinking it wouldn’t be busy on the streets and canal. Funny, but when I booked the room last month, I didn’t realize Winterlude started this weekend! But it is Superbowl weekend, so hoping it’s not too busy. (I’m not a fan of large crowds.)

I booked the day off on Monday and plan to walk around town taking pictures. The forecast is calling for freezing drizzle…hoping it’s wrong!


Had a bit of a slip on the ice this morning…who am I kidding, I went down like a ton of bricks! Glad I didn’t hit my head, and except for a few sore spots, I’m right as rain.

Went for a walk at lunch. Decided to head up to the Culture Trail (Sentier Culturel) to see what it looks like in the winter. Much to my surprise, the iconic Chez Henri now houses a Boston Pizza!

photograph of Boston Pizza signage on the old Chez Henri building in Hull (now Gatineau) Quebec, Canada.
030/365 Photo of the day
Chez Henri/Boston Pizza
30 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

I opened Instagram this morning and was surprised to see a photograph that looked very much like several paintings I have done over the years. Paintings, I’ve painted from ideas in my mind’s eye, of sky, sea and beach. The photo, taken in Florida by a local photographer I follow on Instagram, was so familiar I had to look at it a few times. It was sky, sea and beach!

So, for tonight’s painting, I decided to paint that same scene, at least my interpretation of it, using watercolour paints. I tagged the photographer to let them know their photo inspired me. I love it when things like that happen 😉

watercolour painting of sky, ocean, beach
030/365 Painting of the day
Sky, Sea, Beach
30 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn


I have a collection of photos of my favourite beaches hanging on a wall in my bathroom, of all places. Yesterday, one of those beach photos caught my attention and I studied it, long and hard, taking in the colours, hues, shadows, details, and came to the conclusion…this is something I could paint.

So, tonight, I pushed myself to give it a go and if I failed…well, that would be ok. At least I would have tried. While I prepared my painting space, a voice was repeating a litany over and over of all the reasons this was a stupid idea and I was just setting myself up to fail. I almost changed my mind. I was feeling tired and would prefer a quick painting.

But I didn’t. And I’m so thankful I went ahead and tried it, because, for the first time in this creative journey, I have actually sat back from a painting and smiled, liking what I just painted.

13/365 Painting of the day
Private beach on the Ottawa River
13 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

Photo of the day

It was a grey day today, and everything looked dull. Not very inspiring for photography. My sister and niece popped by for a visit and, as we chatted, I noticed a light reflecting on the window behind my sister’s head. It took me a few minutes to figure out that it was the sun. There was a tiny strip of yellow/orange light between the horizon and the massive grey cloud covering. The sun was setting! The colour changed to a vibrant red orange and the clouds took on the colour as well. It was so beautiful. I grabbed my camera, boots, coat, gloves, headband…by the time I got outside it was gone. All that was left was a small strip of red behind the trees. I went back inside, grabbed my tripod, then set up and began snapping photos. Turned out pretty well after all.

13/365 Photo of the day
13 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn