Monday, after a holiday

Monday, 6 July 2020 The Monday after a holiday can be the worst. Or it can be the best. Perhaps it can be OK. You get to decide. I decided to just go with it. I typically roll out of bed in a cheerful mood and for those days I’m less cheery, I still find…… Continue reading Monday, after a holiday


Monday, 18 May 2020 – Victoria Day Just like that, the first long weekend of the summer is over. And wasn’t it an awesome one, weather wise. Every day the temperature gradually increased until this afternoon we hit a high of about 23°C. The Baltimore oriole flew into town today! I heard they had been…… Continue reading 138/366


Tuesday, 21 May 2019 Another cloudy cool start to the day (crazy windy too) which ended in an abundance of sunshine and a fabulous sunset! Nature…it fills my soul, recharges and completes me…all it takes is a few minutes a day! I wasn’t feeling well today and was pretty low key all day. Early evening…… Continue reading 365…141


18 May 2019 A beautiful day! Sunny breaks with some warmth. Lots of activity around the bird feeders today. I was enjoying a tea on the veranda when I saw a very large bird coming straight at me. I ducked even though he was flying over the house! He was too fast for me to…… Continue reading 365…138