A day of contrasts

Wednesday, 7 October 2020 The morning started out with heavy rain, followed by fog, sunshine, rain, sun, thunderstorm with more rain, sun… I couldn’t keep up! It seemed like every time I looked out the window the scenery changed, most times making me reach for my camera to capture the beauty. Here are a few…… Continue reading A day of contrasts


Farewell September!

30 September 2020 September is leaving 2020 with such beauty and grace. A beautiful Fall day with cooler temperatures, lots of rain, a few sunny breaks that took my breath away. Mother nature at her finest! The biggest and brightest rainbow 🌈 I’ve seen in years! Photo of the day, 30 Sep 2020 © WQuinn…… Continue reading Farewell September!

Did summer forget to leave?

Monday, 28 September 2020 Wow! What a spectacular day. The sun came out late this morning pushing the mercury to rise on the outdoor thermometer. If it wasn’t for the coloured leaves decorating the yard I would have believed it was July or August! A comparison from this day last year. The photo on the…… Continue reading Did summer forget to leave?


Monday, 7 October 2019 A beautiful warm day, even under a sky of white! I enjoyed lunch on the veranda, watching the chipmunks running around the yard, blue jays visiting my new platform feeder, the geese coming and going and admiring the coloured leaves. Imagine my delight when the sun peeked out, just before it…… Continue reading 365…280