steam vent hawaii
Wanda standing beside a mile deep volcano steam vent in Hawaii, Nov 2008. Credit: June Quinn ©

I went for a walk during my lunch hour. How could I not? It was +8C. The sky was overcast, but it was so mild and the snow was melting and that wonderful Spring smell was in the air! Glorious day!

So, I’m walking around campus, thinking about this blog and wondering what the next topic will be when I hear: TRUST. Trust? What’s there to write about trust. Apparently there’s a lot to write about trust.

Trust comes very easy to some people and not at all for others. It’s easy to trust when you’ve never had a reason not to, like an infidelity or abuse by a loved one (whether sexual, physical, verbal or emotional.)

Trust goes hand in hand with Faith… It’s believing in yourself and God… that all is in Divine order… it’s letting go…

I’ve been working on TRUST lately. It seems to be the lesson I’m having some difficulty learning. Just when I think I’ve got it, another “test” is thrown my way and I stumble through it. I finally realized last night what I need to learn about TRUST and all these lessons I’ve been through. Trust goes hand-in-hand with FAITH. It’s believing in yourself and God that all is in Divine order, then letting it go.

I have a habit of wanting proof all of the time. The angels say “Trust” and I say I do. Then the next day I ask for a sign or proof. They say trust. I say I do. Then the next day I ask for proof. They say trust and I say I do, but I need something tangible. They say trust and have faith, and I say, I do but…

I do but… I do but… If you do but, then you don’t really, do you?

The biggest lesson was last month and what I learned from it was I needed to trust my intuition, my instinct. I needed to trust my heart and what I was feeling inside. It’s imperative for me to learn this lesson. To trust my inner self. So I did. Or, at least I tried to. Then another scenario was thrown at me yesterday and it had me reeling, yet again. So I meditated and asked for help. The answer I received was TRUST. TRUST WHAT???? I don’t get it?

Archangel Michael walked me through it, step by step, until the light finally dawned on me (and he had a huge, grateful smile on his face!)

To trust and have faith means to believe it then let it go.

The last two lessons I went through are preparing me for a relationship. I was sexually abused for most of my childhood by someone whom I trusted . I didn’t know I had trust issues until I took a step back from my life a few years ago and did a “life review”. I realized that I needed to control my life and most situations, because I didn’t trust anyone else to do them for me. How could I? So, I spent my life not really believing or trusting anyone. If someone tells me they love me, I believe them, I really do. But only for the moment. If they don’t tell me again for a week or so, then I just figure they don’t love me anymore. It’s like I need constant reassurance from them. Not really good stuff to bring into a relationship is it?  Archangel Michael was able to show me how to look at the signs I’ve been receiving and come to the conclusion, on my own, that I can trust my instincts. There is more than enough proof and what I feel in my heart is right. I need to learn to TRUST it and I believe I do!

Now I know I can go into a relationship and learn to trust and not need that constant reassurance, which I’m sure would drive my future husband crazy!

Thank you angels and Archangel Michael for the reminder. Now, when you say, TRUST, I’m going to say “OK” and let it go!

Angels really are with us…

Sea turtle napping on a sandy shore in Hawaii.
Sea turtle napping on a sandy shore in Hawaii. Photo Credit: Wanda Quinn ©

Even after working so closely with the angels for the past couple of years, there are still times I doubt they hear me or perhaps they’re taking a break. It’s usually when I’m uptight about something, or I want something so badly I’m holding on to fear that I won’t get it, instead of remembering to keep centered in the light and have faith that God is taking care of me. When we’re focused on the fear and the material world, we tend to block out the loving messages and guidance the angels are trying to send us. We need to remember to ask for their help and then be open to receiving it.

Two things happened to me today that I wish to share with you. The first happened this morning as I was getting out of my car, after an hour long ride to work, I felt a very sharp pain in my lower back, on the right side. With every step I took, the pain was so intense. I immediately thought of Archangel Raphael, the healing angel, and I asked him to heal my back. Another idea “popped” into my head to call on Archangel Michael to cut away any cords of fear I may have in that area and, if something was attached to me, to please remove it, then I called on Archangel Raphael again to come in and heal the area. Within seconds, I could feel the pain melt away! What an amazing feeling to have my prayer answered so quickly! I was pain free all day! Thanks my friends!

The other story I wish to share with you is about yoga. I have been receiving messages from my angels for, well I’m almost embarrassed to say for how long, let’s just say it’s been a long while, to do yoga. I bought a DVD and tried it myself, but really didn’t like it so I keep putting it off. But the messages are getting louder and stronger. Today, I asked a question regarding my romantic life and the yoga card came up (Surprise!) so I said to the angels: You want me to take a yoga class, you’re going to have to find a place for me to go. About twenty minutes later, I get the nudge to check my home email so I check it and am surprised to find an email, forwarded by a friend, from a local yoga studio announcing new workshops and classes. I visited their website and found a class and yoga instructor that suited me and booked the class for Friday night!

I’ll let you know how it works out!