Thank you Angels!

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

I was frustrated and at my wit’s end, about to head back online to search for an answer when I took a breath and asked my angels for help.

Switching from Acrobat to my web browser, about to open a new tab to begin a search, I saw the word “Note.” (I was on having just looked up the solution to another problem. But I hadn’t noticed a note before.)

I read the note. It was the solution to my problem. Dumbfounded but then again not really surprised, a slow smile spread across my face. Eyes turned Heavenward I thanked my angels.

Sunflower burst.
Photo of the day, 25 Aug 2020 © WQuinn

Spoil YOU Day! Day 22 of 30 Days of Happiness

steam vent hawaii
I’m standing beside a mile deep volcano steam vent in Hawaii, Nov 2008. Photo Credit: ©June Quinn

Take time out today to SPOIL you with a special dinner, maybe a movie, a night with your favourite book, a hot luxurious bath, or treat yourself to a day at the spa! It doesn’t matter what you do, just make it a HABIT to schedule in “you” time.

It’s IMPORTANT to take care of yourself on a regular basis. During a spiritual counselling session, when my angels show me an airplane taking off, I know they want me to talk about self-care. They taught me this analogy during a difficult session when their guidance and love were falling on the deaf ears of our client. The guidance I was giving her was for self-care and the more I shared about taking care of herself and finding things to do that made her happy, the more she shut down. I was getting frustrated but knew there was a reason she came to me so I asked my angels for help in getting their message through in a way the client could RELATE to. They showed me an airplane and oxygen masks falling from the ceiling of the plane, a woman sitting with a small child, putting her mask on first, and then helping her child. When I shared this message with her, she burst into tears because it really resonated with her. THANK YOU angels!

With this analogy, God is telling us that when we take care of ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then we are in the PERFECT place to help others. BUT, when we put our needs aside to help others, we are not as effective at helping them.

Now, I’m not recommending you be selfish and make everything about you! What I’m saying is to set healthy boundaries and make sure you plan me-time in your busy schedule to tend to your earthly and Heavenly needs as well as the needs of your family and friends. It’s all about BALANCE.

Remember: you’re IMPORTANT to those around you so make sure to take care of you!

Faith, Believe, Trust

ocean avenue, newport, ri
Ocean Avenue, Newport, RI. Sep 2009. © Wanda Quinn

Faith is the daring of the soul to go further than it can see…

Faith, Believe, Trust. Three very big words, indeed. Not easy to do. I’ve written about these words before. Having faith that things are going to work out, believing in something you can’t see, and trusting that you are exactly where you need to be right now, and going through the things you need to be going through at this time, is no small feat. No, indeed. I sometimes think God, Heaven, the angels, saints et al are asking way too much of us.

Do you know how easy it is to have faith that something is going to work out, when you already know the outcome? Believing in something, when you know it’s there? Trusting that things are going to work out for the best, when you’ve had a sneak peak at the future?

Do you know how hard it is to have faith that you’re doing the right thing, believe that you’re being taken care of and trusting that all is working out, when you don’t have the resources you feel you need to continue on your journey?

It’s so much easier when you have money in the bank and no debt. It’s a much different story when you have no savings account, no extra money in the bank and your credit card is maxed out.

Live in Joy and Love

I have faith. So much so that I am quitting my full-time job. A job I have held for the past ten years. I make an awesome wage, I have a pension, amazing benefits, a $450 bonus every year, twenty vacation days as of this year and sick leave. I’m giving it all up to follow my guidance to start living my life for God and serve him in whatever capacity he chooses. So far, my guidance has been to live in joy and love and be a beacon for others. How? By being an example. Simple and easy enough. Ya right.

The question I get asked the most is “what will you be doing?” I so wish I had an answer for that question. Not just for others, but for me. Honestly, I have no idea. I feel like I’m standing at the foot of a cliff and I’m being told to jump off and have faith that I will be ok. Not just ok, but that I’ll soar.

I had a dream, not too long ago, about running away from something and I came to the edge of a cliff and I kept running, right off the cliff. I was falling, spinning out of control and I could hear my ego saying “I told you this would happen” and at the same time I heard the voices of angels telling me it could be different. I had to choose to make it different. So I did. And you know what happened? I landed, softly, on my feet at the bottom of the canyon. There wasn’t a scratch on my body, not a hair out of place. I did it. Even during the tumultuous fall, I heard the voice of reason, the voice of the angels and I made it through that storm and came out unscathed. And that was just a dream! Imagine what real life will be like?

Faith, Believe, and Trust.

Have Faith, Believe, and Trust. 

I’m trying. It sure would be a whole lot easier with a lot of money in the bank and no debt. But, it is what it is.

There’s a poem I heard once and it really resonated with me:

One day, spirit called to a soul, come to the edge.  The soul said, I can’t, I’m afraid. Spirit repeated, come to the edge. The soul replied, I’ll fall off. Spirit said, come to the edge. The soul went to the edge.  Spirit pushed the soul, and the soul flew, the soul soared!  BELIEVE.

So, I’m believing that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, doing exactly what I’m meant to do. I’ll be taken care of. God has never let me down before. Money has always had a way of showing up just when I needed it most. I know my material needs will be taken care of. I’m responsible for my spiritual needs. I’m taking a few more spiritual courses in Ottawa in October, then another course in Hawaii this November. That should be it for the courses for now. I’ll be ready to spread my wings and soar. Wish me luck!


Note: Originally posted September 17, 2009


ottawa river at sunset
Ottawa river taken from the War Museum. October 2012. © Wanda Quinn

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re faced with choices yet you’re not sure which way to go?  Our lifetime is filled with choices: Do I go left or right? Should I take the job? Should I break up? Is (s)he the right one for me?

Sometimes the choice is easy in that it’s clear which direction to take. But there are times when the direction isn’t so clear. In fact, sometimes it’s so unclear that we flail around like fish out of water afraid of making the wrong choice thereby not making a choice at all. Not making a choice puts you in a worse spot than making a wrong one. Why? Because there is no such thing as a wrong choice. Every choice or decision you make is a movement forward on your path.

We are often presented different paths to choose from – one may appear harder than the other – but they’ll both lead us to our final destination . So, the next time you’re flailing about trying to decide whether to go right or left  ask yourself this: does it bring me closer to my goal? Ultimately, you want to make choices that bring you closer to your goal.

Why are some choices so clear and others not?

I find two things generally contribute to making your judgement cloudy:

  • The first is you’re not grounded and centred. This may sound new age, even lame or repetitive – I know – but trust me when I say it makes a huge difference. Life is so much easier to navigate when you’re living in the moment; when you’re living from your heart centre (versus your head); and when you’re grounded and centred.
  • The second is fear. Being afraid of making the wrong decision (or the right one for that matter.) Afraid of looking stupid or being different. Afraid of not being happy. Afraid of being who you truly are and letting your light shine to it’s full potential.

We’ve been so used to being in control of our lives and believing – at least telling ourselves – that  we’re happy and this is as good as it gets – that the thought of actually letting go control and letting a higher power take over and take us to incredible new heights that are unknown to us is… well… it’s unimaginable, it’s unthinkably, it’s crazy, but above all else – it’s terrifying.

My guides have shown me an overhead view of our journey on earth. The way it was shown to me is that of a board game – because I often refer to life as a “game”. In the middle of the board is a bright shining circle of light. That light is God (or whomever your higher power may be) and reaching that light is our goal. We begin our journey at the edge of the board and there are many paths that cross, intersect and run parallel to the one we’re on. There are events that cross our paths and we have the choice of whether to judge them “good” or “bad”. They are neither… they are just events. My guides showed me this and said: “All paths lead to the centre. All paths lead to God. Some get you there faster, some slower. When choosing your path, choose the one that will bring you the most joy.”

If you find yourself at a crossroads and you’re unsure of which path to take, get grounded and centred, take a deep breath and ask: Which path will bring me closer to my goal? Which path will bring me the most joy? and which goal can I be of the most service?

A helpful visualization exercise

I find this visualization exercise very helpful:

See your current situation as the road you’re on. You’ve come to the end of it and what lies ahead is another road perpendicular to the one you’re currently on (that’s to say it’s a T). You can go right or you can go left.

Imagine yourself going right. What does the path feel like as you walk along? Is it bright as if a light were shinning on it or dark as if the sun was covered by a cloud? How do you feel? Happy, Sad, Joyful, Scared, Energized, Tired? How is your physical body reacting? Pay attention to your breathing, to your stomach, to your shoulders. Are you tingling with excitement? Is your heart racing and full of peace and joy. Do you feel light and airy? Are your shoulders lifted high up touching your ears? Are you holding your breath? Is your breathing shallow? Are you tense and rigid? Do you feel heavy and weighted?

Take a deep breath and shake off the image. Take another deep breath and imagine going left. Pay attention to your feelings and senses and to your physical body.

Compare your experiences from the right and left paths. The path that felt light, airy, joyful, happy and brought tingling to your body is the path to take. The path that felt heavy, sad, dark and tense is the path to avoid.

In love and light,