19 June 2019 I’m writing this with my new phone, a Google Pixel 3a xl. This is my first new phone. I usually buy second hand iPhones from people on Kijiji but this offer with Koodo was just too good to pass up. The screen is so big which is extremely helpful at my age…… Continue reading 365…170


The last day of January. Just like that, we’re already one full month into 2019. I’m thirty-one days into my creativity project. I have 31 paintings, 31 photographs and 31 pages of writing. (Actually I have more than 31 photographs, but who’s counting?) Photo of the Day Today’s photo came to me while I was…… Continue reading 365…31


Had a bit of a slip on the ice this morning…who am I kidding, I went down like a ton of bricks! Glad I didn’t hit my head, and except for a few sore spots, I’m right as rain. Went for a walk at lunch. Decided to head up to the Culture Trail (Sentier Culturel)…… Continue reading 365…30


Wow, can you believe how quickly January has flown by? The sun sets after 5 pm now. That’s worthy of a happy dance! Spring is not too far away. Longer, hopefully warmer, days are on the horizon. Today was another bitterly cold one, with a smattering of snow – not as much as I thought…… Continue reading 365…29