Today was almost the end of the painting of a day. I considered many excuses of why I could skip it tonight, including painting two tomorrow. I went for a walk at lunch, even though it was downright bitter cold! I was ever so thankful for doing so, because I saw a tiny piece of…… Continue reading 365…10


I didn’t realize what a challenge this creative project would be. I’ve been working from home since the holidays – which makes it easier to fit in a painting, photo and a page. Today was my first day going into the office, and, well ya. But I was motivated to make it happen and make…… Continue reading 365…9

365…day 7

It was a cold, grey, overcast, cloudy, windy, uninviting day. So when I took a break for lunch, I read a book instead of going for a walk. One of the benefits of teleworking, I can crawl into bed during my lunch break and nap, or curl up with a good book and my two…… Continue reading 365…day 7