Energy Healing for Pets

I have completed the Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) for Pets course and am excited to offer this energy healing for your pet. If you have a pet who you feel would benefit from an energy healing session please contact me to set up an appointment.

Types of Pets: Cats, Dogs, Horses and everything in between. No animal is too small or too big to receive energy healing!

I enjoy working with animals especially with energy healing. Most enjoy receiving the healing energy but they prefer to receive it in their own way. Some animals make it very clear where they will and won’t be touched and in some cases, the animal doesn’t want to be touched at all. In these cases, I always trust the animal and it’s instincts and alternate the healing to their comfort level. So, although formal training dictates your hands need to go in specific areas on the animal’s body, I believe the energy will go where it’s needed most and that healing energy can be given without actual physical touch.

In addition to IET for Pets, I also use a combination of Reiki and Angel Therapy which aid in cutting cords, remove blockages in the energy field and balance the chakras allowing the energy body to regenerate and reenergize itself to facilitate healing in the physical body.

I have experience healing horses, dogs , cats and birds.

The sessions are done in your home. Please note a surcharge may be added if you live a long distance from me.

*My fee for Pet Energy Healing is $50 per visit.

Use the contact form to book your Pet healing session. Payment methods for this session are cash or Interac e-transfer. If paying by cash, please have the exact amount as I don’t usually have change on hand.

*Price can be flexible. Contact me for details.