Seed Paper

I made the seed paper from a collection of paper I had around the house such as bills, documents, reports, envelopes and junk mail. I also added gift wrap I recycled from Christmas, as well as tissue paper.

photo of six types of homemade paper including seed paper
Samples of homemade paper, including seed paper, I made in January 2019.

The seed paper you received from me today is a gift from me to you to encourage you to follow your dreams.

Take your paper, write your dream or wish on it, plant it in soil, water it, send it love, then allow nature to take it’s course. In 6-8 weeks you should see your wishes comes to fruition in the form of wild flowers.

The seed paper can be planted in a planter, indoors, and transplanted in the Spring, once the chance of frost has passed. When planting in a planter (or small container) the seed paper only needs a small amount of soil to cover it.

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