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What the story is about

The story, Sam Get’s Happy, introduces children (and adults) to two concepts: the law of attraction and guardian angels.

Choosing happiness, being positive, being grateful these are all wonderful ways to achieve a joyful, peaceful life. But it can be challenging when times are tough and things seem to keep going wrong. It’s during these times that we need encouragement, support and a loving boost to get through. I get my boost from my angels and guides and from watching and reading positive, light-filled books and DVD’s such as Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life movie. I’ve had people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them how using positive affirmations can change their life for the better; and heard stuff like “new age garbage”. But I promise you, if you’re having a bad day and feeling low, changing your thought patterns to something positive will give you the boost you need to get rid of the “dark cloud” following you around. Another way I get the boost I need is making a mental list of all that I’m grateful for. Some days I catch myself making a mental list of all that is going wrong, and when I realize what I’m doing I will quickly amend it to a list of all that is right in my life. It’s amazing how the energy shifts in and around me when I switch to the positive, life-affirming list. Another great way to get that positive boost is to sing! Sing as if no one can hear you; sing out loud; sing off key; sing in the shower; just sing!

In addition to the law of attraction, Sam Gets Happy! also introduces guardian angels. I have been surprised by how many of my clients told me they didn’t know they had a guardian angel. So many of them assumed they had to belong to an organized religion to have an angel assigned to them and, sadly, many believe they’re not worthy of having an angel.

Everyone – regardless of religious beliefs – is assigned an angel at birth. Most of us have two or more angels assigned to us! These angels are with us until our time on earth is completed.

One interesting thing to know though is this: our angels are here to help us, but, because of free will they are not able to help without our permission. We need to say, “Help!” or “Angels, please help me” or even just think: “I need help!” and they’ll be there.

One of the best parts of my job as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® is seeing that light that comes on in my clients’ eyes when they realize they have their very own angel and that angel will help them however it can. I often hear: “If only I knew this before…”

My wish is for everyone to know they have angels who love them unconditionally and who are here to help them with their daily tasks and my hope is this children’s book will accomplish that!

About the Good Morning song

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When I first started writing this book, Sam’s guardian angel, Bruno, showed Sam the way to happiness by using positive affirmations and being grateful for all that he has, starting with the small things like: I’m grateful for my bed, I’m grateful for my pillow, my blanket, the sun in the sky, the birds flying by and so on. Then I heard the Good Morning song and loved how it incorporated the same ideals yet through music. The song felt like such a great fit for my book. I contacted Mickey Spain, who wrote and recorded the Good Morning song, to pitch my idea of using his lyrics in my book. Mickey liked the idea and, well the rest is – as they say – history!

I truly believe being grateful for things in our lives is the catalyst for achieving happiness and joy. Singing is such a joyous way of expressing yourself and singing your gratitude list everyday is a sure way to achieve that state of happiness and joy much more quickly!

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