6 May 2019 – another amazing sunny and warm day! I had an appointment in the city today…took me an hour and a half to get there! Traffic was very slow due to the flooding. Even though the water has begun to recede, it’s still very high. I’ve learned my lesson and will be taking…… Continue reading 365…126


May the fourth be with you! (It never gets old 😉) It’s blue hour as I write this post, lounging in bed, watching the sunset disappear as the sky takes on the blue glow. It’s incredible. Nature is incredible. Mother Earth is incredible. I had low energy all day making it difficult to do much.…… Continue reading 365…124


2 May 2019 Oh dear sun, please be strong and break through the large grey barrier that’s keeping us apart! I miss you so. 😘 During my lunch break I walked down to the river, camera in hand, a cautious eye on the male turkey strutting his stuff nearby. It was much lower than a…… Continue reading 365…122