Friday, 28 February 2020

Happy birthday George!!!

This little guy kept me busy this morning shooing him away from the platform feeder. I gave in and let him use my new feeder for a little while…I had work to do and couldn’t keep at it! Win for the squirrel!

58/366 photo of the day, 28 Feb 2020 © WQuinn

I love receiving signs from the spirit world… I was worried about someone close to me and knew worrying wouldn’t help so I said a prayer. 4 crows landed in the backyard as I finished my prayer.

These four crows have come before, always when I ask for help or guidance. When I see the crows, I am reminded of my ancestors. I know they are watching over me, helping and guiding.

I haven’t been able to photograph the four crows together. As soon as I get my camera, they fly away. © WQuinn 2020

I shared this experience with the person I had been praying for and at the same moment as I mentioned the 4 crows, they saw 4 crows in a tree! Coincidence? I think not.

For the record, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Dukes and Ashes were well entertained by the squirrels today:

Ashes, Dukes and little red © WQuinn 2020
Dukes, little red and a turkey © WQuinn 2020

A few of my favourites from the feeders today:

A break from 366

Monday, 24 February 2020

Vieux Québec, © WQuinn 2020

I watched the final Star Wars movie and was once again reminded of the universal life force energy that connects us all.

The “Force” is the life force energy that connects all of us to everything…every person, animal, plant, water, earth…everything. We’re all connected, we’re all one.

What’s amazing is you don’t have to be special, or have a gift to connect to this energy. It’s your natural inheritance, your God-given right. Everyone, anyone, can connect. You are born connected. You are always connected. You are not always aware of it though. That’s what takes some work, some reminders.

In a way I forgot about it. I know, in theory, we’re all connected. I used to give intuitive readings to clients. I was able to tap into their energy and share what I was getting. I used to do energy healings, remove blockages from people’s energy field. I knew it existed. I’ve felt it, I’ve seen it, I’ve sensed it. Then I stepped away from it. Four years ago.

But lately, something different has emerged. It’s stronger, deeper, more meaningful and I couldn’t really describe it, until I saw the latest Star Wars movie. I was reminded of the “Force”. Not how things could be lifted and moved, nor influencing someone’s mind, but how one could sense another’s energy. How we’re all connected. That’s real.


Sunday, 5 January 2020

Today is bird count day – I count birds every Sunday and Monday from November to March or April. If a really cool or rare bird shows up on other days, unfortunately you can’t count them, so to have one show up on count day…wow! And, wouldn’t you know it, a red-tailed hawk decided to show up today, on count day! Unfortunately, he wasn’t close to the house and my camera lens wasn’t strong enough to get a crisp, clear photo of him. But it was enough to clearly see what he was!

5/366 Photo of the day, 5 January 2020 © WQuinn

In addition to count day, it was also “run errands in Ottawa” day too. We left just before noon and didn’t get back until 4ish. During our drive around Ottawa, we passed by signs for a Psychic Fair. At first, I joked we should go in and see what the year holds for us. After completing some of our errands, I had this strong urge that I needed to go to that fair and talk to someone. Mom, being Mom and knowing about my intuition, agreed and off we went.

I rarely go to another psychic for a reading. This is something I’ve been able to do for myself. I’ve always be very in-tune with my guides and deceased loved ones. Until lately.

I closed the door on my intuitive spiritual counselling business years ago and had no desire to open it up again. A few times I felt guided to do readings for special occasions… but not to hang a shingle out and do it full time again.

Until recently. I feel like I’m being guided to do something. I’m not sure what. As I’ve drifted off to sleep, I’ve asked for clarity to come to my in my dreams. And it has…as clear as dreams can be, which sometimes is not very clear. But I understood I need to listen to my intuition. Listen to what my body is telling me. It’s my best guide, best radar. Think of when you’re on an elevator and someone gets on with you. That overwhelming feeling that you need to get off NOW. Maybe it’s ringing in the ears, pressure on your head, heart racing, hair standing up on the back of your neck, goosebumps…

Off I go to the psychic fair. The energy hits me like a wet blanket on a hot humid day. It’s heavy, hot and feels like desperation. People searching for answers for everyday problems like love, finances, career… answers that come from within if only they’d stop searching outside for them. I walked around the room, checking the energy of each practitioner. Also checking the wait list. I had somewhere I needed to be and didn’t have a lot of time to be here. I found a woman that had one person signed up, after the client she was currently reading for. I added my name to the list and looked around.

I remember those days at the fairs…people walking around, being a practitioner and waiting for clients…the energy is exhausting, but sometimes – as a practitioner – this is the best way to get your name out there, to practice your craft, to help make a difference in someone’s life. They weren’t my favourite days but on a bright note, I did meet some amazing people.

My guides made arrangements to have me moved up the line and I was the next person being read. The reading went well. It was pretty much what I’ve been getting on my own but, even psychics need validation from an outside source every now and then. The bottom line though was to start listening to my body. It’s my compass, my pendulum. My art was also brought up as a way to conduct readings for clients. Very strange and unusual and something I need to sit with.

My guides are saying my early retirement is over and I’m needed back in the world. In a new way. (yet to share that info with me though 😉 )

My body is saying it needs a detox. I have a juice detox planned for this week, raw vegan food prepared for a couple of days and we’ll see how the week goes. Definitely time to smarten up and stay away from the foods causing me problems like dairy, eggs and gluten.

As I prepared to paint tonight’s painting, I was being guided to get the acrylic paints. I followed the guidance and continued following it. Funny, I just had the thought about my 365 Creativity Project that ended Dec 31. For almost all of those paintings, I had no idea what to paint. I followed by guidance. For an entire year. I guess I have been listening, at least in part. Anyway, back to tonight’s painting. I think it’s strange, stupid even, to write forgive with two infinity symbols on a painting. But, I’m following my guidance. They haven’t steered me wrong…ever. In fact, whenever I’ve gotten into trouble, it’s because I haven’t listened to them. Free will and all.

I give you…forgive. Forgive what’s happened, forgive what’s to happen. But most of all. Forgive you.

Take a minute and focus on the word forgive. See what happens, what comes to mind, what you see, what you feel, what you know.

I would love to hear your experience with this painting so please leave me a comment below.



5/366 Painting of the day, Forgive, 5 Jan 2020 ©WQuinn


Wednesday, 25 September 2019

I had back-to-back meetings this afternoon after a sector retreat this morning. My mind was a little scrambled. So much so, clients were asking for deadlines in Oct…2 and 3…and I was like, sure, no problem! Only to realize at the end of the day that that’s next week!!!

October is next week…when did that happen? Trees are changing colour. Some are loosing their leaves already. Mornings are starting off with heavy steam/fog on the rivers, sun is setting in front of house again, making its way south, the geese are coming in at sunset by the hundreds… October…already.

A band of fog over the Gatineau river from a50
268/365 Photo of the day, 25 September 2019 © WQuinn

Also explains the creepy feeling I’ve been having the last few days…seeing things out of the corner of my eyes, feeling like I’m being watched…all Hallows Eve is around the corner. The veil is thinning. From now til middle of November, empaths are feeling it. If you’re feeling it too, know you’re not alone. Call on your guides for comfort, protection and guidance. Smudge regularly. Wear or place crystals around your home. Ask Archangel Michael for protection. These are healthy ways to get through the thinning.

The unhealthy way is to ignore your feelings or trying to stop them with junk food or alcohol.

Meditation is extremely helpful too, as is spending time in nature.

You may feel guided to help the souls who have passed and that’s great. Check in with your guides first and follow their guidance.

Ok, enough of that for now.

Today’s painting is the back side of a sunflower…the photo on my phone’s lockscreen

Watercolour painting back of sunflower
268/365 Painting of the day, 25 September 2019 © WQuinn