365…day 3

I struggled with the painting today. Had no idea where it was leading. Even stopped and stared at it for a bit, trying to figure out my next step. And the next step came. And, once again, I’m surprised with the result. 003/365 Painting ©WQuinn I’ve been off work this week, feeling unwell, and housebound.…… Continue reading 365…day 3

365…day 2

Iceman. 2/365. ©WQuinn Day one was a piece of cake…easy peasy. Day two, well the photography portion was easy. It’s second nature for me to capture nature moments with my camera. So many times I find myself without a camera—usually because it’s too big, bulky and heavy to discreetly carry in a purse—and I’m sorry…… Continue reading 365…day 2