The day started off overcast but by noon the sun was shining bright! I was teleworking today and took advantage of having large patio doors in the kitchen, taking pictures of the birds and squirrels...and the turkeys! After supper, I went for a snowshoe around the yard, camera around my neck, taking photos of the … Continue reading 365…049



It was another sunny day! If sunny days becomes the norm then I will stop using it as my first sentence on this blog. The norm for me will be 30 days of straight sunshine! Not as much activity at the bird feeders today. Sunday and Mondays are my bird feeder count days. I'll chat … Continue reading 365…048


Another wonderful sunny day! It was a great day. I got to spend some time this morning with a beautiful soul! We chatted about auras colours and she said mine were yellow and green. Funny enough, hours later during a meditation, I was enveloped in yellow, followed by green and ending with purple. I could … Continue reading 365…047