It’s 2023

7 January 2023

I stared at a blank page, wondering how to start this post. Decided on reading my last post, to get a sense of where I left off. It was dated August 2021.

2021? Must be a typo. I’m sure it should be 2022. But no. An entire year – and more – have gone by in a blink of an eye.

My last blog post mentioned news, dreams, and things to come. Dreams being realized, or at least closer to being realized.

August 2022 found me in a new house, in a new city, in a new province. I bought a country home on a small acreage in New Brunswick. My Mom sold her home in Quebec and moved in with me. My two darling cats also made the move. We’re settling in nicely, although it has taken me some time to adjust and I am just starting to feel like this is my house, rather than I’m living in someone else’s home.

deck of my new home adorned with Adirondack chair and sunflowers overlooks a green lawn that slopes to a river.
My new home in New Brunswick

It’s strange living in a house that housed other families. If only these walls could talk. The marks on the floor have me wondering what happened. Dents in the wall. Maybe teenage boys wrestling? Whose writing is on the brick wall in the basement? Was there joy here? And more practical questions like: Where’s the well, septic tank and weeping field and what’s up with the electrical work?

The first house I bought was built by my grandparents. They lived there for many happy years. I know the history because I was part of it. The only other home I lived in – not including the many apartments I lived in – is my childhood home. I lived there until I was 18 – couldn’t wait to get to the city! And in 2011 I moved in with my Mom. My parents built this home, so again, I was part of the history. I knew the joys and sorrows the walls had witnessed.

This new-to-me house is slowly becoming my new home. I’m looking forward to making new memories and giving the walls something exciting to talk about!

Me, enjoying the beautiful November sunshine by the river in my backyard.

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