Easing into Monday

Monday, 17 May 2021

(Cover photo – Dukes: do I smell ice cream? Me: slurp…no.)

Spring is a busy time at work. I have a big project coming my way this week which will keep me occupied until the end of the month. All my current projects will be put on hold until this one is out of the way, so June is looking busy too. I’d rather be busy than have nothing to do.

Now comes the time to test what I’ve learned the past three weeks during the Shingles break. Take time for me to: do things I enjoy doing; exercise; spend time in nature; relax; don’t stress; eat well…

I have a habit…strike that. I had a habit of working long hours, skipping breaks and lunch so I can focus on the project. When I get in the creative zone and things are going well, I don’t want to walk away from that moment because it might take me a long time to get it back. So, like the energizer bunny, I would keep going until it’s done or I couldn’t physically continue. I realize it’s not the most healthy way to work and I’m going to find a way to get in the zone and still have time for health breaks. It’s about finding the balance. And baby steps.

During my lunch break today, I got my hands into some garden soil to fill paper pots. It was relaxing and enjoyable and difficult to pull myself away from it to go back to work! After supper I spent some quiet time transplanting Canterbury bells. One peat pot had thirteen seedlings which I transplanted into the paper pots. I had three more peat pots with seedlings and was wondering if there wasn’t a better way.

One of the paper pots ripped open, resulting in a mound of soil on the table. I grabbed a small box to brush the soil into, then would empty it into the bigger bin of soil. As I walked to the bigger bin, I had the thought, if I line the bottom of this box with newspaper, then add soil, I could transplant the seedlings into this box. Each plant would have enough room to grow and, when they reach an ideal height, I can either plant the box in the garden, or carefully remove each plant to sow in the garden. So I did just that and it’s great! I’m looking for another small box to transplant the rest of the Canterbury bells.

I purchased a cucumber plant at a local garden centre last week. There are four plants in the container and I must say, it’s seen better days. I think it got hit with frost, either at the garden centre, or while I had it here. I’m hoping by transplanting each plant to it’s own pot they will perk up. I have been having a hard time getting cucumbers to grow this season. The winter seedlings I started in March did well until the raccoon knocked the shelving unit over. They haven’t come back from that tumble. I’m going to try starting another batch and also try direct sowing. What will be, will be!

My seedlings spent their first night outside last night. They thrived! I was so pleased to see the sunflowers standing straight and tall. All week they’ve been flopping over. Same with the broccoli and cauliflower. They seem to like the fresh air.


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