Going where the wind blows us

Friday, 14 May 2021

My sweet Dukes enjoying the long grass.

For some reason, I found myself browsing through the Kijiji app this afternoon. I had an inclination to buy glass jars, primarily for storing dried herbs. I had been thinking about Mason jars, wondering where I could get a bunch for a descent price. There was a time you could buy a case of jars, for canning and preserving, for next to nothing. But demand has driven the cost up a bit more than I’d like to pay. I felt the urge to browse Kijiji so I did just that, and wouldn’t you know, there were lots of ads for Mason jars. Unfortunately, they were on the Ontario side, which is currently locked down except for essential reasons. I’m pretty confident picking up jars for drying my herbs is not essential.

I kept scrolling. Then I came across an ad for Ikea jars, the same kind I’m already using for my dried herbs. Six 1.8 L and eight 1 L jars for only $30. And, the best part, the seller lives five minutes from my house.

After supper we went for a drive to pick-up the jars. I’ve lived in this area for most of my life and there are housing developments that sprang up over the years that I had no idea even existed. The seller lives in one such area. After collecting the jars, we decided to explore, driving through the neighbourhood. When we finished one neighbourhood, we drove to the next. I was flabbergasted at all of the houses. Although, this explains the rise in traffic over the years. I often wondered where everyone was coming from and just assumed it was back in the lakes, but now I know there are several small communities just over yonder.

Once we finished exploring Perkins, we headed to McDonald’s for ice cream, us, and half of the town! The line-up was quite long but they got us through in good time. We drove over to the cenotaph, parked, and ate our ice cream, taking in the lovely tree blossoms. Then we just went wherever we felt pulled to go, or as I like to say, where the wind blew us.

Cherry blossoms on my Dad’s cherry tree.

I enjoy evenings like this. Warm and sunny. Exploring old town Gatineau. Remembering what used to be and who used to live where. My window was down, I was enjoying the scents, the breeze and the sounds. I smiled at people who were out walking. They smiled back. It was encouraging seeing people gathering in their backyards on a summerish Friday night; walking their dogs on the quiet streets; or chatting with a neighbour.

Maybe there is light at this long Covid tunnel.


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