A spring smell I almost didn’t recognize

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

I stepped outside onto the covered veranda. Immediately my nose picked up a scent. Something very familiar that I hadn’t smelled for some time. I searched the recesses of my memories…the smell was comforting, welcome… maybe Mom lit a candle or sprayed perfume? My eyes were drawn to my neighbour’s lawn…the freshly mowed lawn! Ahhhhhh, the smell is fresh mowed grass. I had forgotten how good it smells, so sweet, so nature. What a great smell.

I was hoping to get my seedlings into the sun today for a few hours but it was just too windy for them. So I kept them on the covered portion of the veranda where they saw a little sun for a short time. Hoping tomorrow has less wind!

We had turkeys and geese visiting the yard today. I didn’t realize geese ate dandelions.

I picked some dandelions today to dry for making soap, lotion and maybe tea. Going to start small and see how it goes. This is my first time working with dandelions. Can’t wait to experiment with them. I might try using fresh ones for a salad or tea. We’ll see how it goes!


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