Monday, 10 May 2021

Happy birthday Nanie!

This is my 500th day, in a row, of posting to this blog. Thanks for tagging along!

On the shingles front, I’ve turned the corner and am on my way to being shingles free soon! The rash is scabbing over and disappearing in spots. New spots have emerged but, so far, they seem harmless.

I had another chiro adjustment and accupuncture session this afternoon. I believe these treatments, along with the lysine, helped clear this virus from my body. I have one more session booked for Thursday and I’m thinking that will be it.

I’m using my homemade chamomile-honey cream on the rash now and it seems to be helping.

Happy this ordeal is almost over!

On the gardening front, today was day two for hardening off my seedlings. I noticed the Zinnias grew about an inch overnight, after being outside for an hour yesterday! Most of the plants look awesome. Tomorrow will be 3 hours outside. I’m hoping to transplant a few things too.

Happy with the progress and can’t wait to get in the garden!



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