Happy Mother’s Day 💐🌹

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Happy birthday Jamie 🎉🥳

A beautiful spring day with lots of sunshine for the most part. We had breakfast on the veranda, in the sun, enjoying the birds and the view.

We had our first hummingbird of the season. I was glad I had the feeder up!

Hummingbird at the feeder. ©WQuinn 2021

I’m so grateful I live with my Mom for many reasons but lately it’s because of the pandemic. There’s no one I’d rather be in lock down with!

Breakfast with my amazing Mom. ©WQuinn 2021

I started the hardening off period for my seedlings. An hour outside today, out of the sun. I took the opportunity to sort and count what I have. About ten seedlings didn’t make it but the rest are doing well.

The tomatoes are doing really well

I transplanted some of the peppers. Still more to do.

Broccoli and cauliflower are tall but a little leggy.

Planting time is just around the corner!


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