I live in paradise

Sunday, 2 May 2021

As I type this I can hear the coyotes howling. Such a cool sound. And now that they’ve stopped, the peepers and tree toads are singing in harmony.

Today I saw a loon on the river. It returns every spring for a short time. Usually I hear its familiar call but today I saw it floating by. So majestic. Later in the day, a mourning dove dropped in for a visit. She used to hang out on the veranda until late at night, the last bird to leave for the day, but she hasn’t been around much lately. I saw her a few times during the winter but this was the first time this spring. It was special to have her spend time pecking at the food on the veranda.

Yesterday, a long and loud horn blast from the road caught my attention. I saw two deer run into my yard, followed shortly by a third. Not only were they quite large, but they were also quite startled. One ran back across the road to the field. The other two stayed put for a few more seconds, then followed. I held my breath until they were safely on the other side of the road.

We’ve been noticing the birds and wildlife more than usual this spring. We’re not sure if it’s because we’re spending more time at home and enjoy spending time in nature, or if nature is telling us how good we have it here. Some days I feel like I’m living in paradise.


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