Winter is hanging around for one last hurrah

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Happy birthday to Queen Elizabeth. I can only imagine how difficult this birthday is for her, one celebration of many to come without her husband by her side. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as they navigate this new chapter.

It’s a cold -1 right now. Tomorrow’s high is 3°C but it looks like we’re back to seasonal temperatures after that. I went for a walk late this morning, toque, scarf, and woolen mittens helped keep the bitter cold wind from biting my skin. The fresh air though…such a treat! I actually considered filling up the wheel barrow with earth and starting on my garden. But the earth, although soft in spots, is not ready for digging…yet. By the weekend, I expect to be in the garden, building up raised beds and hopefully getting the carrots planted. Even if we get another cold spell, they can handle it.

I didn’t open the mini greenhouse to check on my winter plants as I didn’t want any warmth escaping. I peeked through the plastic but didn’t see much. Fingers crossed they’re ok. The daffodils, visible through the clear plastic tote covering them, are blooming. That’s promising. One more night of below zero.

My phone reminded me of what happened this day last year. I was surprised to see that it snowed…quite a bit of snow!


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