Old man winter is knocking on the door

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

During my lunch break from work this afternoon, I found myself running around the yard preparing for below zero temperatures and snow. The water needed to be turned off, hoses emptied, nozzles removed, and daffodils covered.

I wasn’t sure what to do with my winter seedlings. Some are doing so great, others are lagging behind. I’m thinking it has something to do with the change in temperature – the cold weather may be slowing them down. They are used to the cold weather so brining them indoors would probably do more harm than good. I considered putting them in the garage as it’s not heated but decided that it would still be warmer than they are used to.

In the end, I decided on moving one of my Ikea shelves outside. I have a cover for it so it’s kind of like a mini greenhouse, plus it’s on the covered portion of the veranda, out of the wind. Fingers are crossed it will be warm enough for them. Especially the sunflowers I just transplanted this afternoon.

The small pop bottle had five sunflower seedlings growing in it. Five!!! I brought three pots with me to transplant and had to go back for two more (actually Mom helped me there as I was wrist deep in wet soil – thanks Mom!) Still amazes me how planting seeds outside in March works so well. I’ve decided that all planting from this day forward will be done outside. It will save me space in the house. I won’t have to provide light, heat or ventilation. Seems like a no brainer!

But I digress. Look at these marvelous sunflowers! They look strong and hardy. I really hope they like below zero temperatures!

The daffodils were another worry. I found a clear tote to cover them with, but I couldn’t get them all under it. So I cut the ones that were open and left a few that hadn’t completely opened yet. Now we have a gorgeous bouquet in the house that we can admire. Every time I look at them I smile. There’s just something sweet about yellow flowers.

I hope everything survives the cold tonight but, whatever will be will be.


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