Is there a more beautiful, magical, hopeful way to end a day than this?

Sunday, 18 April 2021

A beautiful day of sunshine interspersed with clouds and rain. Nothing on my agenda today except to do what I felt like doing.

My phone was at capacity, as was my Google photos account, so you can guess how I spent a chunk of my day…backing up my phone, deleting photos. It was easier to clear the phone and start over than deleting 120+ GB of storage. So I thought. I forgot about all the apps and needing to login again…🤣

I had a close encounter with three turkey vultures today. One flew overhead, maybe eight feet above me. At first I thought it was a raven until I noticed the wing span, larger than the raven. Then I saw the red head. It soared above me, circling the back yard. A second one flew over me, joining the first, circling the backyard. And then a third, flying right over my head, following the path of the other two, joining them as they circled the yard. Their wings outstretched, soaring on the wind. So beautiful, so inspiring and so humbling. One broke the circle, moving north east towards the river. The other two following. What a moment!

Later, a break in the rain clouds, the sun filtered through, lighting up the landscape.

Sunlit landscape. ©WQuinn 2021

And then the rainbow appeared! A beautiful symbol of hope.

Rainbow beneath storm clouds. ©WQuinn 2021

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