Nature is healing.

Monday, 5 April 2021

What another gorgeous day. A real bonus of a long weekend. The temperature soared to the mid teens. Although there was a wind, out of the wind, in the sun, it was quite balmy.

I managed to empty the composter, although it took some rolling, shaking, and pulling to get the compost out. Roots had formed, growing through the holes on the bottom of the barrel.

15 year old compost…still has egg shells!

Funny enough, the compost still has egg shells that have not decomposed. I’m thinking the roots growing pulled the energy away from composting the egg shells but will look into it further.

I’m hoping to get the water going this week as the only night going below 0 is tonight. Then I can clean the barrel and the other containers and get more things planted.

Some of my winter crops have sprung up and look awesome.

Broccoli seedlings emerging.

I didn’t know if this method would work, especially since I started them so late in the season but wow. I’m thinking of starting seeds in December or January, which will free up space in the house during Spring planting.

The daffodiles are on their way up!

Daffodils peeking out of the soil.

I was busy cleaning up the lumber/junk pile but took a quick break and sat down to read a text on my phone when Ashes took advantage of the situation for a cuddle. Needless to say, my break lasted longer than I intended!

Ashes and I cuddling this afternoon.

How about a few turkeys?

Tonight’s sunset:

One of the nice side effects of a curfew:

There are still cars driving by, but instead of a bunch, one or two will drive by followed by a minute or two of silence. Sometimes it’s longer than a minute. It is so quiet and so peaceful. A dream come true!

I took advantage of the lack of cars to take a night photo of tonight’s sky. So beautiful and peaceful!

This has been an awesome long weekend, not just for the weather or an exceptionally good turkey dinner ;), but beause I spent so much time outside. I can’t say it enough, nature is healing. Nature is necessary. If you’re ever feeling down and out, spend time in nature. It heals the soul, the mind and the body.


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