Spring cleaning

Saturday, 6 March 2021

A sunny start to the day gave me a boost of energy. I wanted to start a few containers of “winter planting’ seeds but the bulk of seeds were down the road in the community mailbox.

I don’t remember if I told you that my seed order eventually went through. What a relief that was. Every day I would go on to the website to place my order and every day I was greeted with “daily order limit has been met”. Their blog mentioned the daily limit reset at midnight. I stayed up until midnight one night and it didn’t reset. A few days later, I filled up my online cart with everything I wanted, hit checkout, entered my billing and payment info and was able to checkout, even though they said their daily limit had been met. I felt like a rebel! My order must have gone into a queue. I didn’t hear anything from them for almost two weeks, then out of the blue an email with a tracking number from Canada Post showed up in my inbox.

I picked the parcel up from the mailbox this evening and am pretty stoked to get planting!

So instead of planting today I decided to clean and organize my dresser. It’s been several years since I Maria Kondo’d my bedroom. Amazing how stuff accumulates! I had enjoyed being able to find things easily but lately I’m going through overstuffed drawers always looking for something to wear.

I was surprised to find that 1/2 of the clothes in my dresser are summer clothes that never made it to the basement, 1/4 are work clothes that I’m not wearing because I’m working from home. That leaves 1/4 which I actually wear and the bulk of that are lounge wear from Old Navy which contain a lot of Buffalo plaid. At least I can find them now!

Next on the list is the closet. What do I do with all my dressy work clothes? I don’t expect to go back to the office, I do hope to socialize again though… maybe move them downstairs for next Autumn and make room for my summer stuff? We sure are living in strange times 🥺


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