So happy it’s Friday!!!

Friday, 5 March 2021

Another long, busy day at work with much accomplished. Grateful the weekend starts when I close my work laptop and there is no commute or traffic between me and the start of the weekend!

Tonight’s agenda: dine on Farm Boy’s amazingly tasty vegan, gluten free, cheese lovers pizza (on cauliflower crust) while watching WandaVision. That’s it… zoning out on TV. Creativity will need to take a backseat this evening.

But earlier today: I was up early enough this morning to make a batch of chammomile infused oil. I added a bunch of my dried chammomile to a jar, added avocado oil and now it sits and stews for several weeks.

A spoonful of dried chammomile. WQuinn 2021
A jar of oil and chammomile. WQuinn 2021

I’m looking forward to using the chammomile oil to make lotions and creams.

Last night I was listening to a podcast as I was winding down for the night. If I don’t focus on something, my mind tends to wander and I stop listening, so I thought I’d try drawing with my tablet. Not only was I able to keep focused on the conversation, I was also able to be fully immersed in drawing and digitally painting this cute sunflower.


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