February, it’s been grand. See you next year!

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Happy Birthday George!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

The last day of the month came in with a full moon setting in the west and a beautiful sunrise in the east. Followed closely with a blanket of fog and eventually sun and warmer temperatures.

I couldn’t decide which photo I wanted more, the full moon setting outside my bedroom window (I had the tripod set up to capture it) or the amazing sunrise I noticed while feeding the cats. Why choose when you can have both.

Red sky in the morning… WQuinn 2021
Full moon setting this morning. WQuinn 2021

Then the fog came in. I noticed it first in the backyard and then eventually across the road.

Fog descending over the trees. WQuinn 2021
Fog almost completely covers the tree line. WQuinn 2021
right snowshoe at the bottom of a snowshoe trail.
Google photos created this panorama photo using a couple of the photos I took. Very cool! WQuinn 2021
side view of a woman, hair in a bun, wearing a winter coat, standing next to a frozen, snow covered river with trees in the background.
A rare selfie. WQuinn 2021

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