An afternoon off

Friday, 26 February 2021

I took this afternoon off to run errands in Ottawa. I needed bird seed and Ritchie’s closes at 5 pm…I get off at 4 pm and live 40 mins away…so an afternoon off to run errands was a dream afternoon for me.

Funny how, as we get older, our idea of fun and an ideal day change. Spending the afternoon at the cinema for a double header used to be my idea of an ideal day.

Now, thanks to a pandemic, it’s buying copious amounts of bird seed and potting mix.

It was also a great time to pop into Farm Boy to stock up on gorgeous fruits and vegetables. It’s been a year since I’ve been, again thanks to the pandemic. Gatineau really needs to get a Farm Boy or an equivalent. Ever since Market Fresh closed we have nothing except grocery store produce 😨

We stopped at FB first, saw a long lineup and left. After Ritchie’s, we went back to FB and this time, no lineup! I was tickled pink to finally get some of my favourite foods, like their Vegan gluten free pizzas that taste amazing, plus their salsa and chips.

©WQuinn 2021

I haven’t been off the property in a week. All this snow makes it impossible to walk on the road to the community mailbox, or walk anywhere for that matter. I’m enjoying winter but looking forward to spring so I can get walking around the countryside again.

Speed sign is almost buried under snow. ©WQuinn 2021
This was taken in November
©WQuinn 2021


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