We’re out of the red zone… almost

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Next week we will be moving into the orange zone which means our curfew will be extended to 9:30 pm. Neighbouring Ottawa is out of theirs now which means we can mingle – socially distanced – with family…woot woot, yay, happy dancing 🕺 here!

Today was “clean the soap-making tools”. One thing I like about soap making is the clean up. For cold process soap, you leave everything in a pile, safely out of reach for a day or two until the remnants become soap, then you add water and clean. For hot process, wait until everything has cooled, then add water and clean. I filled the crock pot with hot water to soak, ran a cloth around to loosen the soap and done!

Crock pot, filled with soapy water in the sink
Soapy water ©WQuinn 2021

Now it’s time to make soap for me. I ran out of homemade soap so have been using commercial liquid soap. I find it dries my skin and the scent is not great. Funny how I used to like the stuff until I started making homemade. My last batch – lemon poppy seed – is a couple of weeks away from being ready to use. So sometime this weekend I’m going to make a hot process batch which I can use right away.

I’m in baking mode now too. This evening I made mini lemon cupcakes.

Mini Lemon 🍋 cupcakes ©WQuinn 2021

They taste as good as they look!


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