Happy Valentine’s Day

Sunday, 14 February 2021

A number of things to look forward to this week: Ottawa may be loosening it’s lockdown restrictions…(Lowe’s and Richie’s, here I come!) and the promise of a snow storm (storm chips anyone?)

I woke up to a winter wonderland. Didn’t know it was going to snow during the night.

This morning I sliced the soap bar I made last night. It’s my second attempt at re-creating the lye soap from Sherbrooke Village. Close but no cigar. I have another recipe to try, maybe tomorrow during my lunch break.

Cold process soap. ©WQuinn 2021

I’ve been procrastinating putting the new bird decals on our windows…waiting for warmer days. Unfortunately, another bird crashed into the patio door. Sometimes they hit and keep flying. But sometimes, like today, they hit hard and fall.

I heard the hit, followed by Dukes jumping off his chair to get a closer look. That’s when I knew a bird was in trouble. Sure enough, a rose-breasted nuthatch was on the veranda, a few inches from the glass, dazed and glazed. I donned my coat, stepped outside beside it and very gently picked it up, cradling it between my hands. It sat in my left hand while my right cupped from above. I immediately started sending it energy healing and prayers.

Rose-breasted nuthatch ©WQuinn 2021

We stayed like that for awhile until I became cognizant of our surroundings, once again. It was then I noticed two other nuthatches fluttering nearby. I removed my hand that was cupping from the top, slowly turned towards the others so they could see each other. They flew off. I could feel the bird’s energy increase and knew it was getting stronger and would soon be ready to follow. A few minutes more and it flew from my outstretched hand to the branch with the suet feeder.

An incredible beautiful and humbling experience that I enjoy but would prefer to never do again…I love being close to animals but would prefer they didn’t require healing.

Immediately afterwards, I put the window decals on the windows. Then I sat and watched the birds – it’s count day – and kept an eye out for three nuthatches.


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