I have a dream, the dancing queen, super trouper…

Saturday, 6 February 2021

I had promised Mom we would have a Mamma Mia movie 🎥 night and tonight was the night. I LOVE this movie, the music, the acting, the scenery, it’s all fabulous. A fun, uplifting movie and a relaxing way to end our busy day.

Mom spent most of the day in the basement doing her thing while I was immersed in soap and lip balm making.

Funny enough, not once did I reach for my camera throughout the day, even when Mr Cardinal perched on a nearby branch.

Yet, I took a picture of my dinner, which turned out to be fantastic by the way… Beef and Cheese Chilaquiles, or as I like to call them, upside down nachos…a recipe I held on to from Chef’s plate. I made the beef base yesterday, so tonight I just had to add the tortilla chips and cheese. Quick and easy and so delicious!

Beef and Cheese Chilaquiles
©WQuinn 2021

I was happy to get a batch of soap done today – lemon poppy seed. This is the hard part, waiting to see how it turns out. I didn’t have all the ingredients so tweaked the recipe. Fingers crossed it’s as creamy as the last batch.

I tried a new recipe for the lip balm and LOVE it! It’s creamy but not greasy, just the right amount of beeswax so it stays on longer. Next time I will add a touch more spearmint essential oil so it stands out more. Happy and relieved when trying something new pans out.


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