People sharing what they’re passionate about on YouTube ignites the passion within

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

This evening I changed things up a little. We usually watch something while having dinner, mostly from Netflix, Prime or Disney but lately nothing is catching my interest. So tonight I clicked on YouTube and watched the first suggested gardening video.

What struck me was how genuine the vlogger was. (I’m not sure what the proper term is…host? personality? vlogger?) Anyways, I was drawn by this person’s love and passion for gardening. It seemed more like a calling than a hobby. What I appreciated was how she was sharing her journey, her gift with the world with no strings attached. Not once in the two videos I watched did she ask for viewers to subscribe or like her posts. She thanked viewers for sharing their comments, for being along for the ride, and was truly grateful for her platform.

Then I was drawn to a different poster (still not sure what to call them) who, again, had so much passion for gardening and gratitude for his viewers. Such a different vibe from most of the other videos I’ve watched. No selling just sharing knowledge and their gifts with the world. You could tell they really love what they do. Their inner lights were shining bright and it was infectious. I could feel my inner light growing, my passions igniting.

Its content like this the internet needs more of. Passionate people sharing their gifts and talents with the world, I’d subscribe to that.

Turkey convention (C) WQuinn 2021