On this day reminders from OneDrive

Sunday, 31 January 2021

I like getting reminders from OneDrive of what I was doing on this day last year or even ten years ago. Especially when it’s vacation photos of tropical paradise. Take today, for instance, it appears to have been a great day for vacations.

Last year I was in Quebec City, taking night pictures in old Quebec.

Seven years ago I was visiting Dominica.

Ten years ago I was snorkeling in Grand Turk.

And eleven years ago I visited Aruba. I remember being surprised at how desert-like the island actually is, nothing like the magazine articles I had seen! It’s quite a sight, cactus 🌵 next to the ocean.

Today, I remembered those trips fondly, wondering when our next one will be and where we might go.

Then I took my camera out and photographed the Frost Faeries, and a turkey in the tree.

Afterwards, I made a tea and browsed the seed catalogue, planning my garden.

My, how times have changed.


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