I put my phone down for the day and gained time and happiness

Friday, 29 January 2021

Upon awakening each morning, I reach for my phone to read the headlines, have a look at Twitter, check my email, then I get on with my day. Some days, unfortunately, I go down the social media hole, not knowing quite how I got to where I am, clicking one thing leads to another, reading comments (never read the comments) and an hour has gone by, I’m disturbed (aghast, disgusted, surprised) by people’s comments (don’t read the comments!) and find my mood shifted.

Rainbow circle around the sun
I love when this happens ©WQuinn 2021

So, this morning I didn’t reach for my phone. I wrote my morning pages, had a leisurely breakfast, watched the birds and completed two Sudoku puzzles. (I did check in to Twitter, but only for a few minutes (baby steps).

I found I had more time on my hands, I wasn’t distracted by notifications or wondering what was going on in the world. I felt lighter and happier and accomplished a lot.

I’m interested to see how day two goes! 😉


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