Oh happy day!

Saturday, 16 January 2021

My wish came true!

Metal ruler immersed in snow to the 7.25 inch marker
A little over 7 inches of snow at 11 AM.

I spent the first part of my morning enjoying the snowfall and the birds before joining them.

There’s nothing quite like fresh air and snow, lots of wet snow. Great for snow angels and snowmen.

Snow angels were slightly easier to do when I was ten…just saying.

And building a ☃️. I forgot how heavy snow can be, as I lifted a humongous boulder of snow, resting it on the base. He’s as tall as I am! I added wooden arms, which will hold seed for the birds. Face to come tomorrow!

Four foot snowman
Snowman almost complete.
Mom took this picture of me building my snowman ⛄

Then it was time to shovel. My Fitbit buzzed every so often. At the time, I had no idea what it was doing. Later I learned it was congratulating me for reaching goals like fat burning and cardio. There was a lot of snow to shovel!

Gorgeous snowy day. ©WQuinn 2021

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