Some days I need a little incentive

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Is tomorrow really Friday? When did that happen? I’ve been dragging my butt all week and didn’t see the days turn.

I gifted myself with a Fitbit for Christmas. I’m not fond of having something strapped to my wrist – one reason I never wear a watch. However, I like tracking everything. From my sleep to my steps to my heart beat. It helps motivate me, especially on days like I’ve had this week when I would rather draw the blinds, sit in my lounge wear with a bag of chips and binge watch Lord of the Rings. On a side note, I’ve been thinking of watching the Hobbit movies, then rewatching LOTR.

Back to my Fitbit. I also use the Google Fit app to track stuff but mostly for tracking my walks. It’s fun to see the tracks on a map of how I criss cross the yard!

GPS tracking my walk.

This evening I had no desire to be outside walking, but I knew I would be disappointed at the end of the week if I didn’t meet my goal. Especially when I didn’t walk last night. So, off I went, trudging up and down the hill to the river and back again.

It just happened to be blue hour so I grabbed a few pics down by the river.

Then my reward. My Fitbit vibrates as little digital fireworks explode, rewarding me for reaching my goal. Pretty sweet and for now, it’s all the incentive I need to get up and get active.


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